Remove An Image

Pull Down An Image From A Docker Repository

Pull down the docker image (docker pull) called python:3.8-slim from (the default registry).

docker pull python:3.8-slim
3.8-slim: Pulling from library/python
Digest: sha256:f7edd1bb431a224e7f4f3e23cbb22738e82f4895a6d28f86294ce006177360c3
Status: Image is up to date for python:3.8-slim

Remove Docker Image

Remove the docker image docker rmi called python:3.8-slim

docker rmi python:3.8-slim
Untagged: python:3.8-slim
Untagged: [email protected]:f7edd1bb431a224e7f4f3e23cbb22738e82f4895a6d28f86294ce006177360c3