Add Environment Variables

Create Dockerfile

# Build from ubuntu:latest
FROM ubuntu:latest

# Create a environment variable called db_name
ENV db_name="staff_database"

# Create a environment variable called db_password
ENV db_password "legendofkorra"

Build Image From Dockerfile

Build the Dockerfile (docker build) in the current directory (.) and call the image chrisalbon/big-project:v4 (--tag chrisalbon/big-project:v4).

docker build --tag chrisalbon/big-project:v4 .
Sending build context to Docker daemon  2.048kB
Step 1/3 : FROM ubuntu:latest
 ---> 1e4467b07108
Step 2/3 : ENV db_name="staff_database"
 ---> Running in 6dfe7174912d
Removing intermediate container 6dfe7174912d
 ---> 7ae6665fd84c
Step 3/3 : ENV db_password "legendofkorra"
 ---> Running in f37d4ad7408b
Removing intermediate container f37d4ad7408b
 ---> f4ac811b0c45
Successfully built f4ac811b0c45
Successfully tagged chrisalbon/big-project:v4

Run Docker Container From Image

Create and start (docker container run) an interactive (-it) container named project_v4 (--name project_v4) from the image called chrisalbon/big-project:v4 and then run /bin/bash.

docker container run -it --name project_v4 chrisalbon/big-project:v4 /bin/bash
[email protected]:/#

View Environment Variable

Print (echo) the variable $db_name.

echo $db_name