Search Contents Of All Files Of Certain Type

Note: In this tutorial we do not generate the files we will search but rather search the contents of this site’s directory structure.

Recursively Search All Markdown For The Word “berry”

  • grep search command
  • -n to display line number of matched pattern
  • -i to make search case insensitive
  • -r to search recursively
  • --color to color the matches so they stand out
  • --include='*.md' to search only in files ending in .md
  • 'berry' to search for the pattern “berry”
  • ./ search in the current directory (and all child directories because we set command to search recursively)
grep -n -i -r --color --include='*.md' 'berry' ./
./content/linux/text/ "Strawberry" >> fruit_3.txt; echo "Blueberry" >> fruit_3.txt; echo "Mango" >> fruit_3.txt
./content/articles/ plays a central role in political behavior (Katzenstein 1978; Migdal 1988; Ikenberry 1988). Weber’s classic definition of the state as a “human community that (successfully) claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of force within a given territory,” includes a government’s capacity to defeat or deter challengers as the principle prerequisite of statehood. Recently there has been renewed interest in the role of state capacity in civil wars, with a special
issue of the Journal of Peace Research dedicated to the topic (Sobek 2010). More broadly however, the capacity of all political actors, not just states, plays a central role in explaining civil war processes.
./content/articles/ Ikenberry, G. John. 1988. Reasons of State: Oil Politics and the Capacities of American Government. Cornell Univ Pr.