Create Column Index

Create Table Of Elves

-- Create table called elves
    -- string variable
    name varchar(255),
    -- integer variable
    age int,
    -- string variable
    race varchar(255),
    -- string variable
    alive varchar(255)

Insert Rows Into Elf Table

INSERT INTO elves (name, age, race, alive)
VALUES ('Dallar Woodfoot', 25, 'Elf', 'Yes'),
       ('Cordin Garner', 29, 'Elf', 'Yes'),
       ('Keat Knigh', 24, 'Elf', 'Yes'),
       ('Colbat Nalor', 124, 'Elf', 'Yes')

Create Index

-- Index the names column in the elves table
CREATE INDEX ON elves (name)