Cartesian Product Of Tables

Create Table Of Adventurers

-- Create table called adventurers
CREATE TABLE adventurers (
    -- string variable
    name varchar(255),
    -- integer variable
    age int,
    -- string variable
    race varchar(255)

Create Table Of Adventurer’s Equipment

-- Create table called equipment
CREATE TABLE equipment (
    -- string variable
    name varchar(255),
    -- string variable
    clothes varchar(255),
    -- string variable
    weapon varchar(255)

Insert Rows Into Adventurers Table

INSERT INTO adventurers (name, age, race)
VALUES ('Dallar Woodfoot', 25, 'Elf'),
       ('Cordin Garner', 29, 'Elf'),
       ('Keat Knigh', 24, 'Dwarf'),
       ('Colbat Nalor', 124, 'Dwarf')

Insert Rows Into Equipment Table

INSERT INTO equipment (name, clothes, weapon)
VALUES ('Dallar Woodfoot', 'Leather Armor', 'Axe'),
       ('Keat Knigh', 'Robe', 'Bow'),
       ('Tasar Keynelis', 'Tunic', 'Axe'),
       ('Sataleeti Iarroris','Chainmail', 'Axe')

Cartestian Product Of Tables

-- Return the name of people from the adventurers table, age, race, clothes, and weapon
SELECT, age, race, clothes, weapon FROM adventurers
-- Cross join with the equipment table
CROSS JOIN equipment
Dallar Woodfoot25ElfLeather ArmorAxe
Dallar Woodfoot25ElfRobeBow
Dallar Woodfoot25ElfTunicAxe
Dallar Woodfoot25ElfChainmailAxe
Cordin Garner29ElfLeather ArmorAxe
Cordin Garner29ElfRobeBow
Cordin Garner29ElfTunicAxe
Cordin Garner29ElfChainmailAxe
Keat Knigh24DwarfLeather ArmorAxe
Keat Knigh24DwarfRobeBow
Keat Knigh24DwarfTunicAxe
Keat Knigh24DwarfChainmailAxe
Colbat Nalor124DwarfLeather ArmorAxe
Colbat Nalor124DwarfRobeBow
Colbat Nalor124DwarfTunicAxe
Colbat Nalor124DwarfChainmailAxe