Function Example

There are many features to use with functions in Python from docstrings to type annotation to naming conventions. This is my version of a best practice function in Python.

This function uses numpydoc docstring format and typing hinting.

Create Function

# Define a function called word_count that takes in a argument 
# called document is a string and outputs an integer.
def word_count(document: str) -> int:
    """Counts the number of words in a string.
    The purpose of this function is to count the number of words 
    (as defined by separation by spaces) in any string.
    document : str
        A string representing a single document.
    words : int
        The number of words in `document`
        If `words` contains zero words, an error is raised to help the user.
    # Split document by spaces and count the number of elements
    # in that list
    words = len(document.split()) 
    # If there are zero words,
    if words == 0:
        # raise an error
        raise ValueError('`words` must contain at least one word')
    # Return word count
    return words

Run Function

# Create a string
hemingway_quote = "But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated."

# Run word_count function