Sort A List Of Names By Last Name

Create a list of names

commander_names = ["Alan Brooke", "George Marshall", "Frank Jack Fletcher", "Conrad Helfrich", "Albert Kesselring"] 

Sort Alphabetically By Last Name

To complete the sort, we will combine three operations:

  • lambda x: x.split(" "), which is a function that takes a string x and breaks it up along each blank space. This outputs a list.
  • [-1], which takes the last element of a list.
  • sorted(), which sorts a list.
# Sort a variable called 'commander_names' by the last elements of each name.
sorted(commander_names, key=lambda x: x.split(" ")[-1])
['Alan Brooke',
 'Frank Jack Fletcher',
 'Conrad Helfrich',
 'Albert Kesselring',
 'George Marshall']