while Statement

Import the random module

import random

Create a variable of the true number of deaths of an event

deaths = 6

Create a variable that is denotes if the while loop should keep running

running = True

while running is True

while running:
    # Create a variable that randomly create a integer between 0 and 10.
    guess = random.randint(0,10)

    # if guess equals deaths,
    if guess == deaths:
        # then print this
        # and then also change running to False to stop the script
        running = False
    # else if guess is lower than deaths
    elif guess < deaths:
        # then print this
        print('No, it is higher.')
    # if guess is none of the above
        # print this
        print('No, it is lower')
No, it is higher.
No, it is higher.

By the output, you can see that the while script keeping generating guesses and checking them until guess matches deaths, in which case the script stops.