Annotate Functions

This tutorial is inspired by Clean Code in Python by Mariano Anaya.

Functions can include annotations providing additional information about the data type of a function’s inputs and outputs. This information is not used by Python by default, but can be used by other libraries like Mypy to create static-typing.

Create Variables

# Create two variables to use as inputs to the function
fruit = 'Apple'
pieces = 12

Create Function

# Create a function called describe_fruit that has two parameters,
# fruit_type that should be a string and fruit_number which should be an integer.
# The output of the function should be a string.
def describe_fruit(fruit_type: str, fruit_number: int) -> str:
    # Create output from the inputs
    description = "We have " + str(fruit_number) + " pieces of " + fruit_type 
    # Return the output
    return description

Execute Function

# Run function with inputs
describe_fruit(fruit, pieces)
'We have 12 pieces of Apple'

View Function’s Annotations

# List the annotations of the function
{'fruit_type': str, 'fruit_number': int, 'return': str}