Annotate Nested Function Parameters

This tutorial is inspired by Clean Code in Python by Mariano Anaya.

Python annotations allow us to softly define the data types of function inputs. However, commonly the parameter is a data type that contains other data types, for example a list containing integers.


# Import typing library
import typing

Create Variables

# Create two variables to use as inputs to the function
fruit = 'Apple'
pieces = 12
basket = (fruit, pieces)

Create Function

# Create a function called describe_fruit that has one parameter,
# called "container" that is expected to be a tuple containing a string and an integer.
# The output of the function should be a string.
def describe_fruit(container: typing.Tuple[str, int]) -> str:
    # Create output from the inputs
    description = "We have " + str(container[1]) + " pieces of " + container[0]
    # Return the output
    return description

Execute Function

# Run function with inputs
'We have 12 pieces of Apple'

View Function’s Annotations

# List the annotations of the function
{'container': typing.Tuple[str, int], 'return': str}