Conditional execution

Want to learn more? I recommend working through: R for Data Science, R Cookbook, and R Graphics Cookbook.

# Make some data
my.age <- 20
our.ages <- cbind(20,30,40)
# Sometimes we might only want R to do one thing under certain conditions and another thing under other conditions. Conditional execution let's us do that.
if (my.age < 30) { # if my.age is greater than 30
  under.30 <- TRUE # then set under.30 as TRUE
} else { # if my.age is not greater than 30
  under.30 <- FALSE # then set under.30 as FALSE
} # close this conditional execution
under.30 # display under.30
[1] TRUE
# If we want to run a conditional execution on all values in a vector, we can use the ifelse function
old.or.young <- ifelse(our.ages < mean(our.ages), "OLDER", "YOUNGER") # create an object old.or.young and add to label a value as older if the age of someone in our.age is older than the average (mean) age of the vector and "younger" if they are younger than the average age.
old.or.young # display old.or.young
     [,1]    [,2]      [,3]