Switch Function

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Original source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7825501/switch-statement-usage

The switch function is the same as having a bunch of if statements. It allows R to trigger between different actions based on an input.

# create fake data
y <- runif(10)
# Create a function that switches between different types of averages depending on the input. In this function "type" is input variable that the user enters to select which action is triggered.
avg <- function(x, type) {
    mean = mean(x),
    median = median(x),
    trimmed = mean(x, trim = .2))
# Trigger the function to calculate the mean
avg(y, "mean")
[1] 0.6176063
# Trigger the function to calculate the median
avg(y, "median")
[1] 0.6356017
# Trigger the function to calculate a trimmed mean
avg(y, "trimmed")
[1] 0.6390694