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Compare Two Floats

This tutorial was inspired by the awesome Scala Cookbook.

Create Two Float Values

// Create a value
val price_old = 2.343232

// Create a value that is very slight different
val price_new = 2.343231

Create A Function That Compares Two Floats

// Define a function called ~= that contains three arguments: two numbers and a precision level,
def ~=(x: Double, y: Double, precision: Double) = {
    // If the absolute difference is less than the precision level, return true, otherwise return false
    if ((x - y).abs < precision) true else false

Apply Function With High Precision

// Compare price_old and price_new with 0.000001 precision
~=(price_old, price_new, 0.000001)

Apply Function With Low Precision

// Compare price_old and price_new with 0.1 precision
~=(price_old, price_new, 0.1)