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Sort By Multiple Columns

Note: This tutorial was written using Catherine Devlin's SQL in Jupyter Notebooks library. If you have not using a Jupyter Notebook, you can ignore the two lines of code below and any line containing %%sql. Furthermore, this tutorial uses SQLite's flavor of SQL, your version might have some differences in syntax.

For more, check out Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu.

# Ignore
%load_ext sql
%sql sqlite://
%config SqlMagic.feedback = False

Create Data


-- Create a table of criminals
CREATE TABLE criminals (pid, name, age, sex, city, minor);
INSERT INTO criminals VALUES (412, 'James Smith', 15, 'M', 'Santa Rosa', 1);
INSERT INTO criminals VALUES (234, 'Bill James', 22, 'M', 'Santa Rosa', 0);
INSERT INTO criminals VALUES (632, 'Stacy Miller', 23, 'F', 'San Francisco', 0);
INSERT INTO criminals VALUES (901, 'Gordon Ado', 32, 'F', 'San Francisco', 0);
INSERT INTO criminals VALUES (512, 'Bill Byson', 21, 'M', 'Petaluma', 0);

Sort By Ascending Age And Then Alphabetically By Name


--  Select all unique
SELECT distinct *

-- From the criminals table
FROM criminals

-- Sort by ascending age
ORDER BY age ASC, name
pid name age sex city minor
412 James Smith 15 M Santa Rosa 1
512 Bill Byson 21 M Petaluma 0
234 Bill James 22 M Santa Rosa 0
632 Stacy Miller 23 F San Francisco 0
901 Gordon Ado 32 F San Francisco 0